Victor Tap Menu

Peas Porridge Hot (ABV 5.5%, IBU 16, NYS 100%)

Cream Ale made with peas and aged on green coffee and jalapenos 


Crazy Daizy (ABV 9.5%, IBU 36, NYS 100%)

Belgian tripel made with local honey, deceptively easy drinker

2016 TAP NY Bronze Medal Winner!


Copper Post Hole (ABV 5.3%, IBU 50, NYS 100%)

West coast IPA with NYGrown Cascade and Michigan Copper Hops


Imperial Post Hole (ABV 8%, IBU 45, NYS 100%)

Double IPA with NYGrown Cascade, Centennial and Chinook


JANE IPA (ABV 7%, IBU 45, 100% NYS malt, 75% NY grown hops)

You know what this is. Everyone’s got one, we do too.  This batch 

Features Citra and El Dorado hops along with NY grown Triumph and Centennial hops



The Unfermentables (8.2%, IBU 40, NYS 88%)

Stout using NYS malted oats with chocolate notes


The Unpronouncables (8.2%, IBU 40, NYS 88%)

Stout aged on peanut butter and NY concord grape juice


Thousand Pound Sow (ABV 12.5%, IBU 15, NYS 95%

Our big malty Belgian quad with notes of caramel and dried fruit $8 for 8oz Pour. Add $2 to include in a Flight


Bourbon Barrel Quinn (ABV 18%, IBU 40, NYS 95%)

Our 5th Anniversary Stout packs amazing flavor with with super high ABV. $8 for 8oz Pour. Add $2 to include in a Flight


Momma Maple Llama (ABV 12%, IBU 31, NYS 90%)

 Maple syrup,and roasted coffee porter 2017 TAP NY Gold Medal Winner!$8 for 8oz Pour. Add $2 to include in a Flight


Sweet and Sour Spud (ABV 5%, IBU 16, NYS 100%)

Saison aged on sweet potatoes in wine barrels for over a year

Crazy Daizy Went Wild (Grape Skins) (ABV 9.5%, IBU 36, NYS 100%)

Barrel soured belgian tripel aged on grape skins for 14 months