Welcome to The FarmHouse Brewery -Tioga County’s first malthouse and farm brewery!  Our links will take you on a tour of our on-site malthouse, handcrafted farm fresh ales and old-fashioned sodas.  

OUR PHILOSOPHY:  to use as many new york state ingredients as possible and incorporate locally grown products when they are in season.  

Visit our Tap Room  in Owego, New York.


The Farm Brewery

Our commitment to fresh beer starts with fresh ingredients that are local to New York State.  

Our barley is grown by qualified small grains farmers from all over New York State.  Only the highest quality grain makes its way to our on-site malthouse where we painstakingly malt each batch of barley using a time tested artisanal process.  

Our hops are the highest quality we can source from seasoned hops growers within the state.  The hops industry is currently expanding into a major supplier of hops varieties to the entire northeast. 

“Farm Fresh From Ground To Glass” is our motto.  A combination of the freshest ingredients and our brewer’s excellent palate produces art in every pint.

The Malthouse

A combination of old-school and modern methods are incorporated in our malting equipment.  We have taken every opportunity to repurpose valuable vessels and equipment from local farmers.  

Steeping, germination, kilning and curing happens in our all-in-one pneumatic malting tanks, retrofitted with digitally driven mechanisms that allow the Maltster to turn processes off and on at will from any location.  

In this way every step of the process is carefully monitored and controlled, producing the highest quality malt possible.

The Tap Room

Our tap room is a showcase of NYS Farm Breweries, Farm Cideries and Farm Distilleries.  At any given time we have at least 10 taps of our own beers and ciders.  A few old-fashioned sodas (alcohol & gluten free) and NYS guest taps are available on a rotating basis. 

Enjoy tastings, flights and pints on-site or buy a growler fill for off-site consumptions.